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Saturday, December 31st - 11am 
The Dinner Detective
Bernalillo, New Mexico
Private Show

Friday, January 5th - 8pm
First Friday's Comedy Contest
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tractor Brewery - Wells Park

Saturday, January 6th - 6pm 
The Dinner Detective
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Marriott Uptown

Saturday, January 13th - 10pm
Stand Up at The Guild
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Guild Cinema

Saturday, January 20th - 6pm
The Dinner Detective
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Marriott Uptown

Friday, February 2nd - 8pm
First Friday's Comedy Contest
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tractor Brewery - Wells Park



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Stuff to do in Abq! Oct. 18th-20th

There's sooooooooooo much to do in Abq this weekend that I had to make a video...



Don't Watch This - Lifestyles of the Weird and Unfamous

Albuquerque's favorite Public Access TV show is back, unedited and digitally remastered!

Join Rusty "The Chick Magnet" Rutherford with his special bathroom co-host, Lewis "Gandhi" Dorsey.

In this classic episode, Rusty shows off his incredible martial arts skills and stars in an incredible experimental film, "Feather in the Wind."  Chase Webster, aka John Luke, takes you on his journey shortly after being dishonorably discharged from the military, and 2 of Albuquerque's own old-school Tricklockers, Kevin R. Elder and Summer Olsson, agree to star in Rusty's music video for the Duke City Shootout's 24-hour film festival.  

Get ready to get crazy!



3rd Thursday's 3rd Anniversary and a movie we made about a girl/dog/horse

Hellllllooooooo Ladiesss!!  I know I haven't emailed all of you Rusty Comedy Fun Club members for a while, and I am sorry for that.  Please find it in your hards to forgive me.
Albuquerque comedy has a HUGE next couple of days.  This Thursday night at Terrene Hookah Lounge marks the 3-year-anniversary of the THIRD THURSDAY'S COMEDY CONTEST!  We're bringing back the best-of-the-best, so that means that all of the 1st place winners from the past year will be back battling it out for your viewing pleasure.  This year's big show will feature Mike Long, AJ Martinez, Hannah Taylor, Nick Starr, James Morrow, Richard Wolfson, Danger K. Varoz, Christopher Moran (all the way from San Francisco) and last year's big winner, Black Mike.  Oh yeah, and I'll be there too.  Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00 and tickets are just $10.
But the fun doesn't stop there.  Come join me Friday at 8:00pm at The KiMo Theatre for the 48 Hour Film Project.  I got to work with some of my favorite funny peeps, Curt and Caitlin Fletcher, Marc Shuter, and Ariel Holmes, and my new homie Van Overton in a film called "Approach From The Side."  Tickets are $10 and you can find all the details on our screening, plus all the other screenings that some of my awesome friends worked on at The 48 Hour Film Project's website.


Come out to SPACE this Saturday night at the Orchid Chamber!


Remembering comic icon Digby Wolfe...

Digby Wolfe was an amazing comedian, writer, teacher, and human.  He had such a unique, beautiful outlook on life and he loved passing his knowledge of art and comedy on to others.  Digby had a very successful comedy career, which including creating the popular vaudeville TV show, "Laugh In."

Digby Wolfe passed away last year, and I had the honor of speaking at his memorial service at UNM's Theatre X, where he taught for so many years.  Digby's heart and soul will continue to live on through all the people that worked with him and learned from him throughout his illustrious life.


See the full memorial service here: